Paper Files
Flat File Small / Big
Spring(Kobra) Files
Spring Files (Lamination)
Spring(Kobra) Files Small
Spring(Kobra) Files Big
Spring Files Thick Board
Spring Files Hard Board
Ring Files Hard Board
Punch Less Files Hard Board
With Out Punching Files
Box File (Index) File Small
Box File (Index) File Midium
Box File (Index) File Big
Box File (Index) File Classic Clip
Box File (Index) File Doimond Clip
Box File (Index) File Steel Clip
Box File (Index) File Kangaroo Clip
Plastic Box File (Index) File Plastic
Office File Cover Single Hole
Office File Cover Double Hole
Office File Cover Single Hole Thick Board
Office File Cover Double Hole Thick Board
Voucher File (Pesting File)100 Page
Voucher File (Pesting File)200 Page
Voucher File (Pesting File)300 Page
File Cover Normal
File Cover Canvace Corner
File Cover Two Site Folding
File Cover Four Site Folding
File Cover Peplus Binding
Table Files (Table Stand)
Wire Filecomputer Files
Twain Thread
Plastic Sutli (Thin/ Thick)
Bag To Fold Accounts Books
Pocker Steel Plastic Wooden
White/Green Cotton Plastic Etc..
Tags White Midium Superiol
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